Single Moms

Being single while pregnant comes with various challenges. You may have decided to be a single parent or find yourself in this circumstance by chance.

At times you may have to manage pregnancy, delivery and motherhood without the support of your partner. Sometimes it feels as though it’s too much to take on.

It’s natural to feel conflicted during pregnancy, and you’ll have good and terrible days. Here are some tips that can make life easier as a single mom.

Here are some tips that can make life easier as a single mom

  • Create a support system:

    Creating a support system is an important thing to do as a single mom. Your support system could be family, friends, neighbors, and anyone who cares about you. Turn to them when you need help, don’t do it alone. You will be surprised by their willingness to help you.

  • Make a checklist:

    You have a lot of responsibilities and many things to do, the vaccination appointment may slip your mind or the antenatal care appointment or taking your vitamins. Write up everything you have to do and all your appointments and set up a reminder. Share it with your support system too, they can help reminding you.

  • Make an emergency plan:

    What if your water breaks, what if you need to go to the hospital in the middle of the night? While it is not fun to think of these types of things, it is a good idea to let them cross your mind long enough to make a plan for each of the scenarios (as well as anymore you can think of), along with a second back-up plan, just in case.

  • Take life one day at a time:

    It may take a while to get yourself into a new routine, but you will get there. Remember, you got this! When things begin to get stressful and life gets a little unmanageable, keep things in perspective. Take everything step by step and eventually, you’ll make it through!

  • Make time for yourself:

    If you’re not sure, take some time to find out what you like to do. Embrace this small amount of time to do something that makes you happy!

  • Attend prenatal appointments as a single pregnant mom:

    Form a group of individuals who can fill in for you as a partner at certain times throughout your pregnancy. Consider your parents, siblings, a close friend, or a family member. To prenatal visits and delivery sessions, you can bring any one of a rotating group of close friends.

  • Don’t shy away from getting mental support from your loved ones:

    It’s also not only for appointments. Lean on your circle for shoulders to lean on, hands to grip, and ears to bend when you’re nervous or need some emotional support. Choose one or more willing partners from that group to assist you throughout labor. It doesn’t need to be someone particular!

  • Start financial planning well in advance to prevent anxiety and stress:

    Living within your means might help you relax and focus on your new role as a mother. Attempt to set aside enough money for the future to cover your pregnancy expenses, such as health insurance, mom and baby supplies, as well as any expenses you expect to spend while on maternity leave.

  • Connect with other parents with older kids to get baby products second-hand:

    Remember that you’ll be able to borrow a variety of products from other parents whose children have outgrown their onesies, crib, and breast pump, as well as other necessities you’ll get as gifts before your baby arrives.

  • Focus on making yourself happy:

    As a mom-to-be, focus on being the best you can be. You should cover the basics, tap into your community, your inner circle and beyond and take good care of yourself. Try to avoid getting so caught up in details that you forget that you are in the middle of this amazing experience of becoming a mother.

  • Make friends with other single moms:

    When you can chat with other women going through the same thing as you, it makes pregnancy a lot easier. Everyone wants to feel welcomed and know that others are sympathetic to their plight. If you don’t have any single moms-to-be in your family or circle of acquaintances, broaden your search.